Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQs

We offer both options depending on what is available. All units are independently owned by the owner which means we are not necessarily able to keep an actual list of units available for rent or for sale. Instead, we have created a Facebook group to facilitate the visibility of units that are available for sell/rent as well as giving a platform for people interested in renting or buying our units to ask their questions. Please note, you do not have to be an acutal owner or resident to be in this specific listing group. Link to the group Vulcan Park Condos Listings (Homewood)

All units have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. See our Floorplans page for more details.

The condo fees are proportionate charges for your share of the maintenance of common elements and reserve funds for the condo to meet any future costs or financial obligations.

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Landscaping and exterior upkeep
  • Garbage removal
  • Extermination
  • Property management fees
  • Water
  • Etc.
*See our Financials page for more details.

We love animals but also love responsible owners. Cats and dogs are welcome in our condos but please refer to our Rules & Regulations (Section E) for more info.

All owners are responsible for doing their own publicity: signs, online ads, etc. If the owners have reached out to us, we can post the ad on our Facebook page Vulcan Park Condominiums. If you are an individual looking for a unit to buy or rent, we recommend you look on our Facebook page, Zillow and other real estate listing websites.

To get your ad share on our page, please contact us.

FAQs for Residents & Owners

The garbage is picked up by the valet service every week on Monday and Thursday afternoon/evenings* at the back of the units. We ask all residents to put their garbage bags in their respective garbage bin at the back of their unit the night before.

Yes. This is a recent service we are encouraging residents to do. The schedule is every two weeks on Thursday morning. Check out the most recent schedule on Republic Services’ website. Your bin needs to be moved to the curside of the street the night before. To get your free bin, please call Republic Services at (205) 923-1650.

Yes. You will need to purchase a homeowner insurance to protect the content of your individual unit. We also highly recommend to buy a fire detector and replace the batteries every year at the same date.

We are part of Jefferson County.

Our water provider company is currently Apex Billing Solutions. To contact them 1-866-281-3977 or visit their website

The Board of Directors meet the third Tuesday of each month*. We have our meetings at Metcalf Reality located at 2710 20th St S, Homewood at 6:00 pm. The meetings are open to all residents. Residents may show up early for open discussion.

*The months of October and December we meet the second Tuesday of the month because of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
**The location of our Annual Meeting in April, is at the Homewood Library.

Our HOA meetings are an hour meeting every month to discuss about our financials, previous business, new business and vote on different items concerning our community.

We encourage all residents and owners to join us in order to continuously improve our community, get more involved and bring new ideas. This is also a great way to stay informed of all news and updates in our neighborhood. 

  • Connect and exchange with your neighbors
  • Respect your neighbors
  • Respect your environment by keeping common areas clean at all times
  • Report any suspicious activity in the neighborhood
  • Share any information related to the Homewood area that may have an impact on residents 

FAQs about the Association

Our Management company is currently Metcalf Realty.

The Bylaws refer to the Rules & Regulations of our Association.

Yes, there is a minimum amount of board members required. Three board members is the minimum required. Please note, two owners living at the same adress only have one vote and only one of them is allowed to serve on the board.